In HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) design services involve the planning, engineering, Heat Load Calculation and layout of HVAC systems for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Here are some key aspects of HVAC design services: We do Heat Load Calculation which is based on the building’s heating and cooling load requirements. This involves determining the heat gain and heat loss in each space, considering factors such as walls, insulation, building orientation, occupancy, equipment, and climate conditions. Based on Heat Load Calculation, we do System Design which includes selecting the type of heating and cooling equipment and designing the distribution system (Application wise). Our Design service includes Piping Layout to deliver uniform conditioned air or heating/cooling fluids to different areas of the designed space. This includes determining the size, routing, and placement of ducts or pipes to ensure proper airflow and distribution.

Ventilation Design: Ventilation is a critical aspect of HVAC design. Proper airflow and fresh air intake are essential for maintaining indoor air quality. We ensure to include the design of ventilation systems, which may involve the selection and sizing of fans, air handling units, and exhaust systems.
Energy Efficiency: HVAC design services aim to optimize energy efficiency by incorporating energy-saving measures into the system design. This may include selecting high-efficiency equipment, incorporating control systems, and designing zoned systems to minimize energy consumption.
Compliance with Codes and Standards: HVAC design services ensure that the HVAC system meets local building codes, regulations, and industry standards. This includes compliance with ventilation requirements, equipment efficiency standards, and safety codes.
Documentation and Specifications: HVAC design services provide detailed documentation, drawings, and specifications for the HVAC system. It’s important to engage a professional HVAC design service to ensure that your building’s HVAC system is properly designed, efficient, and meets your specific requirements.