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Bond With Values
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Welcome To Magneficent HVAC Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Magneficent HVAC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop solution for all your AC & Ventilation System requirements. We have earned rich experience of 20+ years in this field and started our office for better service.

What make Us Different
  • Rich Experience
  • Focus On Customer
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Technical Expertise
  • Quick Service
  • Affordable Price

Professional HVAC Solutions

HVAC 360°

Right from Design to Execution to Maintenance of the Customized HVAC Solution. Everything under one roof. Our efficient systems deliver excellent quality & performance. You save money & breath healthy.

Expert Consultancy

Too much noise? Uneven distribution of temperature?
Not happy with your HVAC which is also costing you heavy on electricity bills? Hire us as Consultants to avail our years old expertise in HVAC Systems Design.

We’re Unique

We do not just gelivery the same market-standard systems. we study your work environment. We Analyse vour problem and we Customize solution just for You.

Ventilation Solutions

We all know about heat and cooling, but what about ventilation? excess co2 may cause carbon dioxide poisoning. The purpose of ventilation is to remove excess moisture, odors, and gases (co2) from internal spaces. We are specialized in designing customized ventilation systems for corporates and residential houses.

Factory Safety

When we’re in a hot environment and are surrounded by pollutants, our body temperature rises which affects our immune system. Efficient Ventilation System prevents spread of harmful substances into the surrounding environ-ment, reduce the concentration of harmful fumes, and control humidity levels to keep workers safe and healthy.

Healthy Living

Ventilation can be just as important as lighting or heating your building too! You may not realize how much control over the temperature and humidity inside your house could affect the quality of overall living Ventilation allows air to flow in and out of the building preventing oxygen starvation. It’s Important to keep quality indoor environments healthy.

Pleasant Workspace

Good ventilation is the key to reducing workplace hazards. Bad ventilation can mean workers are breathing in toxic gases, or even worse-toxic fumes. However, poor and unsafe office ventilation can lead to accidents and even deaths of workers and manag-ers. Efficient ventilation system is essential to provide fresh air to the workspace.

High standard trusted & professionals services

  • We’re certified workers
  • We satisfied our customers
  • We provide best services to all
  • We’re expert technician

how can we help you

  • SITE VISIT : Conditions at every site are different and so the need for AC System. Therefore, our experts visit the sire to study the gradients to understand the exact needs.
  • CUSTOMIZE : Based on data collected, we design a full customized solution just for you! Our highly energy efficient system fits well in your space and delivers the unmatched results.
  • INSTALLATION : We hand-pick the high quality, most energy-efficient equipment for you and our team of experienced technicians install the system without a single glitch left behind.
  • MAINTENANCE : Healthy AC solutions require regular maintenance. We cover you on that front as well. We strictly follow high-level quality control. We are just one phone call away from you

Our Services


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HVAC Sales & Supply

HVAC sale or supply services involve assisting customers in selecting the right HVAC products for their specific needs. This includes considering factors such as building size, cooling and heating requirements, energy efficiency goals, budget, and any specific preferences or constraints. 


Consultancy services provide expert advice, guidance, and solutions related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. consultants with in-depth knowledge and experience in HVAC design, installation and operation. 

Professional HVAC

Our professional HVAC solutions offer a comprehensive approach to meet all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. We provide end-to-end services, installation, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring a complete HVAC solution for your residential, commercial, or industrial property.

Project Execution

Project execution services involve the implementation, installation, and commissioning of HVAC systems for buildings. These services are providing by Magneficent specialized in HVAC installations.   


AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) or CAMC (Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract) services are agreements between a service provider and a customer for the maintenance and repair of equipment or systems. These contracts typically cover the ongoing support and upkeep of various types of equipment.

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Our Clients

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