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Meet the expert in HVAC system design Mangesh Deshmukh

Former youth chair for the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE] and also a past member of the core working committee (CWC) for Convener Chiller Conclave and Heat Pump Carnival, Convener Uriavaran National Program, and ISHRAE Pune chapter, Mangesh is a highlv experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of cooling and refrigeration systems. with Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Postgraduate Diploma in Projects Management from MIT cooled with over 20 Years of varied experience in designing, executing, estimating, and planning large cooling systems, as well as handling sales while working with multinational companies such as Voltas, Safe Air Engineers Pvt Ltd.
Hyatt Regency, St. Laurn, he has gained a deep understanding of the industry and its trends. He has worked on many premium and prestigious projects such as One North. Yoo Pune, The Address. Eon WaterFront, Panchshil Towers. Trump Tower, Eon IT Park, World Trade Center and many more, which showcases his aptitude and thinking ability.

Mr. Mangesh Deshmukh

Founder Director

Magneficent HVAC Solutions pvt.Ltd Professional HVAC Solutions

I appreciate you coming by! I firmly believe in and uphold the company motto, “Bond with Values Beyond Expectation.” Every task must begin with a single step, and the way forward is determined by your vision and the efforts of your team. A single person will never be able to accomplish what a team can. I founded Magneficent HVAC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with this conviction. Magneficent name symbolises our mission and fundamental values in the workplace culture as a whole. Success, in my opinion, is attained through close cooperation with associates who have complimentary skills and a shared vision.

Magneficent is led by qualified leadership and knowledge, dedication to quality and execution, and a clear grasp of the complexity of business. With the help of our team, we are absolutely succeeding in my goal of making Magneficent the world’s best HVAC team.

Mrs. Mansi Deshmukh


Our Vision

Our vision is to consistently work towards being the best HVAC team in the world and to support each team member in being their best selves by giving our customers the respect, quality products, and services they demand.

Our Mission

To create enduring customer relationships by offering top-notch services in a setting of respect and trust. Our goal when dealing with the various businesses is to provide HVAC services of the greatest caliber, with the utmost integrity.

Our Values

Every action we take is infused with the unrelenting pursuit of our fundamental principles, and we’re dedicated to consistently developing high performance HVAC solutions that meet or exceed customers’ expectations in terms of effectiveness and longevity.